•   over 5 years ago

SF Social Services Open Referral

Social service and aid organizations create and maintain many different community resource directories to serve their clients. Each organization applies similar resources and effort against a shared issue, but there is no shared knowledge, and these efforts work in isolation of each other.

Individuals seeking help are left to navigate confusing lists of resources that may or may not lead them to what they need. Social workers and other intermediaries must master multiple sources of competing information, making it hard to connect their clients to the relevant help. Community development initiatives end up paying for new research to understand the state of their community resources.

Enter Social Services Open Referral. We have partnered with the SF Adult Probation Department to free, organize, and distribute information about the city's social services for people getting out of prison. Our immediate goals are twofold: 1) improve the useability the annual printed resource guide "Guide to Getting Out and Staying Out" 2) finish an open source database, API, and web interface for this information. Join us!


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