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Gender Equality in Technology

The way it is
San Francisco has emerged as a global hub for tech companies, where big name firms, numerous start-ups and non-tech firms with IT needs have created a market that’s hungry for technical talent and skilled tech workers. Yet as firms jostle for scarce talent and staffing needs grow, too few women find their place in available tech jobs. In 2014, on average tech women in big technology firms in the San Francisco Bay Area made up a remarkably low 16%.

The way we envision it
The opportunity for technical women is huge, and we want to see every technical woman get and keep a job she wants and is qualified for. Our aim is for at least 40% tech women in the workforce by 2020.

Achieving gender equality in technology is the right thing to do. It will make our community stronger because of the diverse thinking and experiences women bring to the table. And finally, tech firms and companies with IT functions have concluded they need more tech women in their workforce.

FemResources, the project sponsor, will match technical women with employers looking for their skills and experience, in order to bring gender balance to the tech workforce. We will also be a resource and services hub for tech women at all career stages. See next page for core services and resources we have planned.

About the project
FemResources (www.FemResources.org) is a new nonprofit dedicated to being the go-to source where female tech talent and employers can find one another. We would like to find a way to match technical women with employers looking for their skills and experience.

Possible development areas — employer/employee matching
o determine job board strategy: build from scratch, or integrate a provider such as YourMembership.com career center and services platform
o develop technical solution to locate and engage qualified tech women seeking employment
o design and develop new website architecture to enable candidates and employers to engage
o develop technical solution to locate open internships, especially those not for computer science students/grads

Goal for National Civic Hacking Day
Put in place technology by which tech women can get the jobs they’re qualified for.

We’re open to suggestions about how to proceed according to your specific skill set and interest. Let us know how you’d like to help!

The core services and resources FemResources will offer

o Matchmaking to employers (job board)
o Internships
o Skill set Inventories
o Mentoring: pre and post job attainment
o Career Pathways
o Support: pre and post job attainment
o Employability Index
o Scholarships
o Events/socials/networking mixers

Future programs
Scholarships: We will solicit scholarships from organizations to pay for training for those in need of financial assistance.

Job skills learning center: searchable by job skill to find up-to-the minute training, internships, and online classes.

Video story database: personal stories of tech women describing their job and the work they do. Women exploring the job landscape can view these videos for an understanding of what a job may be like before applying to a company.

Research: we will conduct original research to understand what’s working and where the gaps are in getting and keeping technical women employed in jobs they want. We will publish the reports, and make them available to the public through FemResources.org.

Roberta Guise, President
FemResources, Inc.


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