•   over 5 years ago

Building the Water-Resilient City of the Future

San Francisco has some of the purest, carbon-efficient tap water in the world. 85% of our water is delivered through almost entirely gravity fed system requiring very little fossil fuel. Since the 1930’s, this resource and system has facilitated growth and provided the lifeblood to today’s innovation economy. Now, it’s under threat. By the end of 2014, California’s reservoirs were down by 11 trillion gallons. That's 880 billion 5-minute showers. Imagine H2O is working with Code for San Francisco to create a safe future for this extraordinary resource. How can SF leverage its innovation economy to help create a resilient water supply in an uncertain world? We want to build a set of solutions that can get us achieve a significant reduction in water use, and that can keep us there. Help us think about water differently.


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